Saturday, 27 August 2011

La Rentree et Zondle

I've long been envious of our Maths Department's access to "My Maths" and wished there was something similar for English - at an affordable price, so when I first saw Zondle, I was truly excited by the possibilities the site offers to teachers.

The problem as I see it for us English teachers in high school is that much of the language work we do is skills based and not always about wrong or right answers, and so there aren't many pupil friendly activities available for this age group.

I reckon the Zondle bods could change this state of affairs.

Having experimented with the site late last academic year, I'm now looking forward to introducing my new students to Zondle. I want to set fun but useful homework tasks; have them marked and recorded automatically (wow!); and know that students, parents/carers, and of course me, their teacher, can keep an eye on progress made.

Now this is already feasible, but I'm hoping Doug and Wayne will be able to make some tweaks based on my wish-list... coming soon.

If there are any English teachers out there with similar wish lists do please record them in a comment below.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Bonjour, Zondlers.

When news reached me that the Zondle bods had created a blog devoted to all things English teaching related I had just arrived in France for my summer hols. With no wifi on our campsite the situation was looking bleak until I recalled the browser facility on my Kindle! It's a slow process but blogging. tweeting and G+ing are all possible of charge!

I have trialled Zondle with my students (11-15) and am very excited at its potential. At present, though, because Eng Lang is skills rather than knowledge based I've found myself drawing up a wish list.

I would love a drag and drop facility so I can have my pupils rearranging words in a sentence. In this way I could get them starting sentences with ing, ly or ed words, for example.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Welcome to the new zondle and English blog!

In our new zondle and English blog...

...we will be letting you know all about new or exciting English topics on zondle. We'll also be talking about English in the curriculum, English and teaching... anything that piques our interest!

To get us going, why not check out this fantastic zondle English topic (created by @mscoxenglish) and game: 'Where, wear or were' in 'Bat the Rat'?